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Marishka Myers

Marishka is the digital marketing manager/women’s team manager at Billabong South Africa. Marishka is an expert in the digital landscape and an excellent photographer. She’ll make your brand stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Cyle Myers

Cyle is the director & owner of Go Social and is responsible for the day to day operations and management of the company. A wordsmith in his own right, Cyle will strategically build your brand and best position it in the digital space.

Brian Hope

Brian Hope is the mastermind behind Go Social. He ran and grew the company for many years before handing over responsibility upon his relocation to Europe. Although Brian is no longer involved in the day to day running of GS, he still provides valuable strategic insights into the long-term goals of the company.

Caren Holtzhausen

Caren was the chief designer at RVCA South Africa and worked for ad agency ‘Hats and Rabbits’. An excellent designer in her own right, Caren is responsible for Go Social’s superb logo and colour palette.

Amy Myers

Amy currently works for the University of the Western Cape as a designer and social media marketer. Like Caren, Amy is an excellent designer and has no problem adjusting the design to suit online or print.

Grant Clegg

What makes Grant an excellent videographer is his creativity and astute attention to detail, which so happens to make him a healthy addition to the Go Social team. If there’s an issue, chances are Grant’s already picked it up, fashioned a solution and implemented it before you’d have even noticed. Need a video, Mr Clegg’s your man.

Digital Marketing

The digital landscape is our area of expertise. From managing social media accounts to creating target driven digital campaigns, we’re here to speak the exact audience that you’re looking to reach.

Content Creation

At the heart of an excellent online campaign lies engaging, well curated content. At Go Social we have photographers, videographers and the most talented of wordsmiths ready to generate beautiful content, uniquely tailored for your brand.


At Go Social we firmly believe in the power of exceptional design. In a world were everything online screams for your attention, what better way to stand out than with sleek, strong and superb design.


Go Social is a creative Digital Marketing Agency. We’re a team of digitally zealous experts passionate about telling your story and helping your brand grow. At Go Social, we pride ourselves in producing content that is stylish, globally trend aware and ingenious. In a world of digital noise, we want your brand to stand out, turn heads and gather clicks.