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Go social is a full service social media agency
that provides social media management across a multitude of dynamic platforms.


We have worked with a multitude of brands ranging from FMCG, B2B, motorsports and jewellery. Take a journey through a selection of the brands that we have worked with closely and some of the successful campaigns implemented.

We believe it is essential to change the tone and type of engagement to suit each brands needs precisely. Objectives are set and kept in line with the brands key success factors and unique selling points. These core messages are then aligned to the brands target audience through a multitude of social media channels.. 
Our primary focus is to stimulate user-generated content created by ‘your fans’ engaging with your brand. We aim on creating your brands very own social evangelists by starting a two-way conversation, maintaining engagement and building relationships with new un-targeted demographics. We deliver measurable results. 


Go Social Digital Management Services


Go Social offer a host of tailor made social media packages to suit each clients individual needs. Whether it be our smaller Signal Hill package or through the use of our vast Everest package, we have the altitude of engagement that suits your  business.



Signal Hill

  • Facebook Management

  • – 1  x  FB post / day

  • Link to Twitter Acount

Table Mountain

  • Facebook Management

  • – 2 x FB posts / day

  • Twitter Management

  • – 2 tweets / day

Mt. Kilimanjaro

  • Facebook Management

  • – 2 x FB posts / day

  • Twitter Management

  • – 3+ tweets / day

  • + *Summit Marker

Mt. Everest

  • Facebook Management

  • – 3+ FB posts / day

  • Twitter Management

  • – 3+ tweets / day

  • + *Summit Marker

  • + *Summit Marker

  • FB Contest Management

Summit Markers and Set-up Fee’s

Summit Markers are tailor-made additions to your social media mix and set-up fees are once off payments for the creation of social media channels.

Summit Markers

Contest Management
Instagram Management
Twitter Management
Snapchat Management
Musical.ly Management
Google + Management
Pinterest Management
Instagram Management
Youtube / Vimeo Management 



Social Media Managment Services to help grow your business


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Go Social!


Go Social is a full service social media agency spearheaded by Brian Hope.

“Subsequent to completing his Varsity College studies where he completed an IMM BBA Honours in Marketing Management, Brian has gathered extensive practical experience dealing with social media clients ranging from luxury jewellery to FMCG and loads more in-between. He cut his teeth in market research at Omnivision, thereafter as marketing and social media manager at Cape Void Magazine. Before joining themediagenius.com Brian was head of the social media department for Luxury Brands, PR and Marketing. Brian has crafted the art of communicating on a great many subjects. In a nutshell – he puts few words to great and effective use.” – The Media Genius

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